Zendesk: auto-fill a widget with data from ticket view

Zendesk: auto-fill a widget with data from ticket view

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As we deliver our own VoIP service, we also have our own Support Tool internally. This is great in terms of responsiveness or for the data our Support Teams need to have since they can simply ask our developers to add that.

However, it means logging into a different tool than Zendesk to resolve a ticket which is time consuming. I therefore created a simple widget which allows a Support Agent to check a customer’s profile in only one click from Zendesk’s ticket view:

The widget simply fetches the phone number of the customer from the custom ticket field (you just need to know its ID via Manage> Ticket Fields) and replicates on page load to the widget’s search box. It’s all done with 3 lines of code, jQuery and using the .val() function 🙂


The source is on GitHub.

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