From Zendesk, to a smaller desk

From Zendesk, to a smaller desk

In September 2016, coming back from yet another week in Switzerland where I lived during my youth, I realised that I missed the country a lot. I missed skiing. I missed sailing. It started to annoy me to sometimes have to commute for up to 1 hour to grab a pint with a friend in London. And mostly, after just under 5 years at Zendesk, I felt privileged to have worked in such a fantastic company full of bright individuals and a strong management team.

‘gotta turn the page at some point, right? For once, I decided to put career second, and really think of what I wanted to do next and where I wanted to live. I’ve lived in 3 countries so far, and I wanted to buy a place and think more long term rather than renting furnished flats. And honestly, while Brexit was not the main reason for this decision, it definitely contributed to it.

Fast forward to a year later, and Friday 29th September was my last day at Zendesk London. The moving truck just left my London flat… It’s been a fascinating experience to go from ~200 employees and ~$38 million revenue to see both those figures multiplied by 10 five years later.

I’ve now created my company in Switzerland, ADT Consulting. Our goal is to help organisations across Europe to optimise, digitalise, and streamline their customer support operations to deliver unforgettable customer experiences. We’re officially starting on the 1st of November. In the meantime, I will unpack boxes, chill out for a bit, and focus on the final touches of the construction of my flat.

Dear customers, it’s been a pleasure working with you over the last few years. Dear colleagues, it’s been a privilege working with you. Take care, and onto the next opportunity!

Now, where did I put my one-way ticket for tomorrow morning?

Time for a hike

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