Fun with Angelina (a.k.a. Nissan 370Z)

Fun with Angelina (a.k.a. Nissan 370Z)

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While this could have been a bad porn movie name, Angelina is actually just the nickname a friend gave to my recently purchased Nissan 370Z. Now that the weather is finally getting better (I’m in Belgium, don’t get your hopes too high) I could enjoy a day without rain and with temperatures reaching 15°. Insane! 😀

So while taking Angelina for a nth ride, I figured I’d have some fun and record the action. It’s only when heading back home that my geek side re-appeared: this frickin’ iPhone records in 1080p (and don’t get me started on “Android does it”, I know! I guess it was just one of the first times I filmed for a long time)! So I launched iMovie, had a 5 minutes edit and here is the result:

Note that a few weeks ago I headed to the CeBIT to promote our work. A 5 hours drive. With 70% on autobahn. Imagine the grin on my face 😀 . At that point, there were two recording sessions: in a tunnel — just rev’ing

This is truly an amazing piece of engineering and a very efficient anti stress ball. Plus, when you compare all the tiny details with its main rivals such as a 911 Turbo or an M3, you realize how this purchase is much more clever (or at least with the budget of a 26 years old). Do I really need to tell myself that the leather was stitched by hand? Nope, I don’t care. Do I care however that the fuel tank is roughly 10–15% bigger than the two others? Definitely! The kind of details that in my opinion prove that this car has been designed for the real fun and passion, not just for the badge on it.

Next step: le Mans Classic race in July. A meeting of 350Z, 370Z and GT-R owners from Belgium, France and Luxembourg. I will leave the GT-R ahead, promised!

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